Elad Verbin

Email me at: elad@lunarventures.eu


I'm a Computer Scientist living in Berlin. I invest in pre-seed and seed European startups building horizontal algorithm-based global companies. I have done R&D, and I invest in, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Cryptography, Decentralized systems, Databases, Simulations, and more.
With my partners, we are Lunar Ventures, a "Tel-Aviv style VC" investing early across Europe in DeepTech Software. We focus on investments that carry tech risk and build strong defensible technology for large markets. Our goal is to revitalize the original purpose of risk capital — to grow cutting-edge algorithmic innovation into defensible tech-based unicorns.

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My Academic Publications (will host them all here soon)

Some talks I gave

playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg8RW_RnL1jONQThUX2e_wg-G3HRvzvvH


On Private Computation:

  1. Private Computation (Zero Knowledge etc). Given at Web3 Summit
  2. Privacy on the Blockchain (Zero Knowledge etc) — longer earlier version of #1. Given at BigChainDB Meetup
  3. Zero Knowledge: The Road to Adoption. Given at ZK Summit #1.

On Collaboration Tech:

  1. CollabTech. Given at BIV Summit.
  2. CollabTech: How To Use Technology To Align Incentives. Given at Cambrial meetup on Blockchain Governance. This one has more focus on governance.

Free Range Algorithms (starts at 2:12:20). Given at Nature 2.0 meetup.

(more coming)


Research Manuscript Drafts

Bonding Curves Research Questions (discussed in this talk; slides)